Raw A2/A2 Guernsey milk for at the farm or at Yarmouth farmers market Thursdays 3-6 throughout the summer and at SO. Portland Farmer market year round also at Lois natural market in Portland and Scarborough.

A2 milk is much healthy for people and it is being studied in New Zealand they believe it may lower the risks of type 1 diabetes, heart disease , autism, lactose intolerance and SIDS. A2 is the casein in the milk that allows for the digestion of the milk our bodies can not digest the A1 casein and leads to leaky gut syndrome with a whole array of other issues.

For more information you can read about the health benefits by going to www.drjoshaxe.com and can read about the A2 milk there is a book called the devil in the milk or just Google A2 milk .Like us on Facebook

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